Becoming a Greeter

    To become a Greeter you need to:

  • want to share your love of your city and region with visitors,
  • be between 18 and 180 years old,
  • be available at least once a month,
  • suggest a theme for the walk or encounter (e.g. fashion and design, the Mediterranean Sea, new and old quarters, where to enjoy a drink outdoors in the sunshine or shade, bistros and culinary specialities, the story of the sardine, etc.)
  • read the  Marseille Provence Greeters Charter
  • And ask to become a member of the Marseille Provence Greeters Association (15 euro/year).
  • We’ll explain to you that you don’t need a degree in the history of art to introduce visitors to your city, because any inhabitant of Marseille or the region can become a Greeter!
  • Also, you don’t have to speak a foreign language as many of our visitors speak or understand French.
  • We’ll meet up with you to answer your questions and see why you want to become a Greeter.
  • We will motivate you to become one of the privileged members of the worldwide “Greeters family”.
  • You will then be taken in hand by a “Marseille Provence Greeter”, who will give you heaps of handy advice and tips.


See you soon