greeters to make a donation

Marseille Provence Greeters is a non-profit association based on voluntary work. Our association relies on aid and donations, in particular so we can pay the salaried staff member who organises the walks!

If you have enjoyed you walk with a voluntary Greeter from Marseille Provence Greeters, please support us and help us develop our association and the Greeters concept throughout the world.

If you would like to make a donation:

  • By PayPal: secure online payment using PayPal.
  • By cheque, only for french donation : made out to Marseille Provence Greeters at the following address: MARSEILLE PROVENCE GREETERS – 22 rue de Forbin – 13002 MARSEILLE – France
  • By bank transfer to our bank CREDIT AGRICOLE ALPES PROVENCE
  • International Banking Account Number (IBAN): FR76 1130 6000 9400 5191 5400 062                                                                                Swift Code (Bank identification Code): AGRIFRPP813
  • Alternatively, you can make the donation directly to your Greeter, who will hand it on to the Association: a receipt will be send be emai.l