THE 2016 UEFA CUP! Play extra time with the Greeters!


The Greeters are getting together for the Euro 2016 to make sure local rhymes with football!

Volunteers will be meeting with spectators in all of the towns hosting the Champion’s League
matches. This friendly operation is designed for football fans and their friends and families alike,
keen to play extra time by taking a tour with a Greeter to meet the locals!

In Marseille-Provence, Philippe, Jean-Pierre, Max, Guy, Norya, Nicole, Monika are part of a fun-loving,
friendly band of 90 Greeters, all mad about Marseille and currently gearing up to let you into the
secrets of their city. Because the Greeter experience is all about hospitality, sharing and, of course,

The international Greeter movement, founded in New York in the Nineties, brings together
volunteers who are passionate about their town or region. The Greeters delight in welcoming visitors
free of charge, just like friends. The Greeters’ love of their region, town or village is genuinely
reviving the sense of hospitality of our local populations. France is now the world’s top Greeter
destination, closely followed by Germany! The match has only just kicked off…

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