Who are we

More than just a genuinely alternative tourism concept, based on a free, voluntary service and the desire to promote cultural exchanges, Marseille Provence Greeters aims to create ties between Marseille, its inhabitants and visitors, meaning locals get to see the city through new eyes and visitors get to enjoy an enriching and genuine travel experience!

Marseille Provence Greeters offers you a new way to explore Marseille and discover a different kind of tourism.

The Greeters concept has now gone worldwide!

  • Major cities: New-York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Houston, Chicago, Moscow, Berlin, Brussels, London, etc.
  • Towns: Nantes, Lyon, Mulhouse-Alsace, The Hague, Brighton, etc.
  • Various counties and regions: Kent (UK), Le Tarn-Albi, Nord Pas-de-Calais (France), etc.

You can find out all about the worldwide Greeters family at:  www.globalgreeternetwork.info

the whole greeter family