Become a Greeter

If you love Marseille and fancy joining the Greeter family, apply today!

  • To become a Greeter you need to:
    • Want to share your love of your city and region with visitors on a voluntary basis,
    • Be between 18 and 180 years old,
    • Be available at least 10 times a year,
    • Suggest a theme for the walk or encounter (e.g. social and cultural exchange, Mediterranean Sea, new and old quarters, where to enjoy a drink outdoors in the sunshine or shade, bistros and culinary specialities, the story of the sardine, etc.)
    • Read the Marseille Provence Greeters Charter
    • Ask to become a member of the Marseille Provence Greeters Association: 15 euros/year (free for students, unemployed and people with very low incomes). Get in touch
  •  Then…

    • We’ll explain to you that you don’t need a degree in the history of art to introduce visitors to your city, because any inhabitant of Marseille or the region can become a Greeter.
    • You don’t have to speak a foreign language as many of our visitors speak or understand the language of Marcel Pagnol…
    • We’ll meet up with you to answer your questions and see why you want to become a Greeter.
    • We’ll inspire you to become one of the privileged members of the worldwide Greeters Family.
    • Next, you’ll learn all our tricks and tips under the wing of an experienced Marseille Provence Greeter.

The walk was fantastic, I felt so happy all morning. Max’s route was filled with surprises: a succession of gorgeous, little-known streets and addresses off the beaten track – I would never have found them without him. The explanations and anecdotes were plentiful too… Max knows Marseille like the back of his hand!! Emilie

Donate to the Greeters

Marseille Provence Greeters is a non-profit association based on voluntary work. We rely on public and private donations and aids to operate.

If you enjoyed your walk with a Marseille Provence Greeters volunteer, please support us and help us develop the Greeters concept worldwide.


How to make a donation?

– Secure online donations via PayPalSimply click on the piggy (sardine) bank
You don’t need to have a PayPal account – all you need is a credit card to use the service. Specify the amount of the donation then click on PayPal or credit card according to your preference.

– By cheque made out to Marseille Provence Greeters (French donations only) or bank transferPlease contact us.

– You can also make a donation via your Greeter straight after your walk. They will make sure it reaches the association.

We will email you a receipt for your donation.

Faire un don aux greeters

Marseille Provence Greeters est une association à but non lucratif basée sur le bénévolat. Des aides et des dons publics et privés sont nécessaires pour assurer son fonctionnement.

Si tu as été satisfait de ta balade avec un bénévole de Marseille Provence Greeters, n’hésite pas à nous soutenir et nous aider à développer notre activité,  le concept dans le monde entier.


Comment faire un don ?

– Don ‘online’ sécurisé en utilisant le service Paypal : Cliquer sur la tirelire
vous n’avez pas besoin d’avoir un compte Paypal, votre carte bancaire suffit pour utiliser ce service. Donnez d’abord le montant puis cliquez sur Paypal ou CB suivant vos préférences.

– par chèque, à l’ordre de Marseille Provence Greeters (uniquement pour les dons en France) ou virement bancaire, nous contacter.

– Par remise à notre bénévole Greeter directement à l’issue de votre balade.

Pour tout don, un reçu est adressé par email.